Custom Fitting Bag

Clubmakers, we have made the process of custom fitting as seamless as possible with the introduction of our interchangeable hosel technology. Designed by industry veteran Jeff Sheets, our collection of Fitting Heads will match the balance point, swing weight and frequency of the production head.

To make custom fitting with Swing Science products easier than ever we have created a 14 piece fitting matrix to cover most player profiles. Additionally, our innovative color coded ferrule system makes shaft flex identification a snap.

And the best part of all is that the fitting system comes full y assembled and ready to fit!

What’s Included

Fitting Heads (5)
FC-ONE PLUS Ladies 7 Iron Fitting Head (1)
FC-ONE PRO 7 Iron Fitting Head (1)
FC-ONE PLUS Men’s 7 Iron Fitting Head (1)
FC-ONE Wedge 54 Degree Fitting Head (1)
FC-ONE 7 Iron Fitting Head (1)
Additional Hosel Adapters (9)GOLF BAG
Your choice of a White/Black or Black/Silver Swing Science branded golf bag to store your fitting gear!
FC-ONE 50 Ion Blue (R)
FC-ONE Plus 60 (L, A)
200 Series (A, R)
FC-ONE 750i (R)
FC-ONE 850i (R, S)
FC-ONE 950i (R, S)
FC-ONE 1150i (2) (S)