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Don’t expect to find EPON golf equipment in your local golf retailer next to a litany of OEM brands all being sold “Off the Rack.” EPON products are sold exclusively through a network of Authorized Dealer’s who have been carefully selected to represent the brand based on the expertise and experience in custom club fitting. Swing Science is the exclusive North American distributor for Epon Golf. If your Retail Operation focuses on “Ultra-Premium” golf equipment and you have interest in becoming an Authorized Epon Dealer, please see the information below.

Shop Qualifications
Full-time retail, commercial or mobile businesses engaged in selling high-end custom fit golf clubs. Fitters must be certified and accomplished using the latest in launch monitor and related technologies to deliver the ultimate custom fit using “Ultra-Premium” golf club components.

Full-Line Volume Standards
All participating Dealers have the capability to purchase a minimum of $10,000 per year.

Opening Order Requirements
Each new EPON Dealer is required to invest a minimum of $5000 for participation in the program.Opening orders can follow the established recommended packages or they can be customized for each shop location. Pricing will be based on the qualifying Tier.

EPON Pricing Policy (EMSP)
All EPON Dealers agree to abide by the EMSP (EPON Minimum Sell Price) for selling completed golf clubs. The EMSP is not the maximum price to sell a completed club but rather the minimum selling price to maintain the integrity of the brand. Depending on shaft options and fitting fees your final sell price may be well above the EMSP.

Internet Policy
Participation in the EPON Dealer Program prohibits the posting of advertised pricing on the internet or selling the product in an on-line environment. However, EPON and Swing Science fully support displaying and listing product information on individual EPON Dealer web sites to help promote the brand and the fact that your shops is an Authorized EPON Dealer. It is suggested that interested consumers call your business to arrange for a consultation or custom fitting.

Completed Club Policy
EPON golf equipment is intended to be sold as part of a completed golf club and not as individual golf club components.

North American Sales Policy
Authorized EPON Dealers are prohibited from actively selling products outside of the North American marketplace. This does not include customers traveling into the United States for equipment purchases and custom fittings.