FC-ONE PRO B2 Putter

Club Loft Lie Weight Offset Weight Ports Weight Mass
Putter 3.0 72.0 348g 5.1mm 12 4g

The new Swing Science FC-ONE PRO B2 putter has adjustability as its middle name featuring a removable sole plate that has room to customize total head weight using up to twelve sole weights. The putter head starts at 300 grams and can be maxed out to 348 grams with all the weight ports filled. This allows you to customize total weight during fittings to accommodate your customers putter for both total length and swing path.

Another one of the adjustments is to locate the weight more toward either the heel weight ports or the toe weight ports of the putter for those players who need help rotating and releasing their putter.  Simply add more toe weight to help slow down putter rotation or add more heal weight to help increase putter rotation. It’s just that easy!

Finally, the overall weight distribution of the design of the putter is to locate as much mass above the equator of the putter as possible which will help produce a better roll by reducing spin and skid at impact. You can visibly see the reverse weight distribution on the inside cavity of the back of the putter. The result is the purest roll in golf!

Features and Benefits
Investment cast out of soft feeling 304 stainless steel provides tremendous feedback
Malleable steel allows the clubmaker to adjust the hosel for loft and lie
Higher center of gravity than other blades with reverse tapered face thickness and sole cavities to assist in over-spin generation
Cross-Groove face milling imparts over-spin with low loft
Twelve weight ports in the sole enables head weight to increase up to 48 grams
Weight customization allows the head to be be used at various playing lengths
Materials & Finish
Body: 304 Stainless Steel
Sole Plate: Aluminum
Body Color 1: Bead Blast Silver
Body Color 2: Black Nickel