FC-ONE Pro Hybrid

Club Loft Lie Weight Volume Face Angle
HY 20 58 221g 125cc +/- 1.0

Our adjustable Carbon series extends to both a complimentary fairway wood and hybrid.  Using a unique construction process which features C450 material for a single body and face design generates incredible ball speed due to the maraging type properties of the steel.  

The carbon crown then allows for more weight to be placed strategically in the sole for optimal launch properties.  A traditional shape head profile appeals to players of all skill levels.

  • A carbon crown allows the head designer to optimize CG location for ideal launch conditions
  • C450 Stainless Steel provides maraging metal performance
  • 2-piece construction and the use of carbon materials enhances feel and acoustics
  • Universal adapter allows switching between OEM shaft demo’s

Materials & Finish

  • Face: C450 Stainless Steel
  • Body: C450 Stainless Steel
  • Crown: Carbon Fiber


  • Investment Cast: 2-Piece
Hybrid Settings
Position LIE FA Loft
Standard Loft 58 0 20
58 -2.5 21
Higher 59 -3.5 22
60 -2.5 21
Up 61 0 20
61.5 +2.5 19
Lower 61 +3.5 18
60 +2.5 19