400 Series Woods/Irons

400 Series Woods & Irons

Club Type Flex Launch TQ Weight Butt Tip Length
Technical Note: All 400 Series Iron Shafts exhibit a CPM tolerance of ± 2 CPM
400 WA Wood A Mid 4.0 65g .600″ .335″ 46″
400 WR Wood R Mid 4.0 65g .600″ .335″ 46″
400 WS Wood S Mid 4.0 65g .600″ .335″ 46″
400 ILAR Iron LAR Mid 3.5 80g .600″ .370″ 44″
400 IARS Iron ARS Mid 3.5 80g .600″ .370″ 44″
400 IRSX Iron RSX Mid 3.5 80g .600″ .370″ 44″

Looking for a responsive mid launch wood shaft, then look no further. Our 400 Series ultralite wood shaft was designed for the above average golfer who needs moderate assistant in generating spin off the tee box. Filament wound construction insures excellent wall symmetry resulting in impact repeatability which translates into more fairways hit.

Our new 400 Series MultiFlex composite shaft technology will deliver 50 full flex increments from a series of three specially designed iron shafts. Following the Professional Clubmakers Society flex conventions, you can build from a 2.5 all the way up to a 7.5.

Featuring filament wound construction, the new 400 Series provides exceptional concentricity for superb impact repeatability. Add in the consistency of a filament wound design and you have the ideal shaft for frequency matching. The mirror chrome finish with the midnight blue logo makes this shaft look as great as it feels!