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Golf’s Most Playable Forgings

The Designer
According to Niimi Kiyonari, the brainchild and designer behind the SAQRA Product line, “most forgings are designed for a very, very small segment of the overall golf market, the low handicap, subsequently missing out on the majority of golfers many of whom could benefit and appreciate a true forging.” Niimi’s philosophy comes full circle as he describes his design goals, “My forgings look difficult to hit, but in reality are easy to get airborne. Above all, a SAQRA design must look beautiful.” It is only after careful observation that the most discerning eye notices a little bit of offset, a slighter thicker top line, a slightly wider sole and a clever use of weight distribution to lower the center of gravity. All of these attributes are almost imperceptible, but deliberately part of a SAQRA head design to yield Golf’s Most Playable Forgings, the essence behind the SAQRA brand.

Originally launched in Asia in the fall of 2010 and geared 100% toward the custom clubmaking market, SAQRA has found a niche with retailers interested in expanding their premium forged iron market beyond the traditional player’s category. The beauty behind SAQRA is that not only will the low handicap player appreciate the fine lines of a SAQRA club head, but many cast players will also gravitate towards the product due to its forgiving playability characteristics. This ability to appeal to a dual market emphasizes the design brilliance of Niimi-san and the desire to tap into a broader forged iron market.

SAQRA is produced by the preeminent Japanese forging company responsible for manufacturing over half of the world’s OEM forged product lines. Mr. Kiyonari has a long standing relationship with the manufacturer and has worked with the forging house as a technical adviser for many years having produced dozens of forged product lines for a multitude of brands. A decision was made last fall to enter the US market with the SAQRA brand and a strategic partnership was established with Swing Science to develop the North American market. Officially launched at the 2013 PGA Show in Orlando, FL, Swing Science is the exclusive SAQRA Distributor for the Americas to include North America, Central America and South America.

The Product Mix
What you see above is only the beginning. The initial program launch includes 2 forged iron designs, a progressive looking muscle back and a more traditional cavity back model. A brand new forged wedge series will be offered in two finishes, a NiCr mirror finish and a QPQ Black satin finish. The product line will also include a hybrid series. Working closely with the SAQRA Technical Designer Niimi Kiyonari, planning is underway for the next generation of forged irons to include a new CB model for 2014!

The Mission
Swing Science is currently recruiting retail golf shops that are custom fitting with “Ultra Premium” golf equipment. The goal for 2013 is to establish 100 full line dealers and an additional number of wedge only studios. If your business is using high end forgings or is interested in offering “high end” Japanese forged irons, then fill out our on-line application to see if your shop qualifies for the SAQRA Authorized Dealer Program.

Authorized Dealer Application